Simone Jardim – #1 ranked female player in the world

History has been made in this amazing pickleball match. Watch the top 4 women in all of pickleball battle for the Gold medal. Simone Jardim and Lucy Kovalova face off against Catherine Parenteau and Callie Smith in this intense high energy match. See what you might have missed and join fans from around the world who were thrilled to see this match and still continue to talk about it. For the first time pickleball was aired live on network cable tv on the CBS Sports Network and now we can share it with you here to watch again and again. This exciting match is back and forth and non-stop for 2 games. Also including commentary from Drew Fellios, Melissa McCurley and Chad Edwards who give insight into the strategy of the battle. Pickleball Channel was pleased to partner with the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships to release this match to the entire world.