10 INSANE points from the 2021 US Open of Pickleball

We are all working on our game from beginner to pro. Here are some amazing points as demonstrated by the pro players. Keep working on both your soft game and the driving shots. They are important at all levels of play.

Ben Johns – #1 ranked male player in the world


Watch the men’s doubles gold metal match from the Newport Beach Doubles Shootout. Can Tyson McGuffin and and Riley Newman take down the winners bracket finalists Ben and Collin Johns? See the current Franklin PPA Player Rankings: https://www.ppatour.com/player-rankings/ Meet the professional pickleball players: https://www.ppatour.com/pro-pickleball

Simone Jardim – #1 ranked female player in the world

History has been made in this amazing pickleball match. Watch the top 4 women in all of pickleball battle for the Gold medal. Simone Jardim and Lucy Kovalova face off against Catherine Parenteau and Callie Smith in this intense high energy match. See what you might have missed and join fans from around the world […]