President's Awards of Excellence

We have so many outstanding individuals who contribute to our favourite sport of Pickleball. We believe that it is important to recognize those who demonstrate exceptional performance within our community.

The LEADERSHIP Award will go to an individual who inspires, creates and takes action to develop and grow the sport of pickleball in Etobicoke. Leadership takes the form of outstanding communication and dedication to the goals and objectives of the Association, while demonstrating a spirit of caring and incredible passion. 

The AMBASSADOR Award will go to individuals who are active in our community courts on a regular basis. People who listen, support and encourage players to help them improve their game. At the same time, making it a FUN experience socially, physically and competitively.



Our 2021 AGM was held on Zoom when we announced the two winners of the President’s Awards of Excellence.  We then presented the award to Brenda at the Olympium and to Ross at Glen Park the following morning. Yes, it was minus 20 and I had to convince Brenda to remove her toque and Ross to remove his ear muffs for the photo. Looking good!

Leadership Award – Brenda Yatabe

Ambassador Award – Ross Ha



Our 2022 AGM was held at the Olympic Lounge in the Etobicoke Olymium.  I was very pleased to announce the 3 award winners and honour them for their excellent work!

Leadership Award – Bonnie Pusateri

Ambassador Awards – Gordon Taylor and Sue Worrod


Following our 2023 AGM held at the Etobicoke Olympium, we caught up with all our President’s Award winners at Ken Cox Community Centre during one of our Sunday sessions.  Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Leadership Award – Marc Petruccelli

Ambassador Awards – George Wynott and Adriana Nedelcu