Official pickleball rules can be found here: 

Playtime Scheduler is an online game scheduling tool developed exclusively for outdoor pickleball. Please be aware it is not a court reservation system. There are several Etobicoke courts listed. Look for a game, or set up your own game.
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Note: some courts listed do not have permanently marked pickleball court lines (but are easy to chalk!). We hope to get these and many more courts lined soon. Refer to the "Places to Play" tab for the most up to date info on outdoor courts that are permanently marked for pickleball play.

Playing the Game: Tips & Training


Training Links

Have you seen a great YouTube video that could help our EPA members? Let us know and we will try to add it here

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the Game

Pickleball 101

In your first year, try very quickly to master some components of your game. WHEN SERVING Make sure that you strike the ball before touching

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the game

Who Serves First

A quick overview of some of the basic rules of gameplay WHO SERVES FIRST? Have to decide who chooses first (serve or side decision) Options

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the game

About Line Calls

A quick overview of some of the basic rules of gameplay LINE CALLS In a non-refereed game – the team receiving the ball calls the

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