Frequently Asked Questions


EPA memberships run annually from January through December. So, if you register in March of 2024 you are covered until December, 2024.  NEW MEMBERS that sign up after October 1 of the current year are covered for the following calendar year.

If you are renewing your membership, please renew in January of the year you are registering for.

You likely registered as a member twice and we are returning your second payment less any fees we incurred for processing. This typically happens when members register after Oct. 1 of any given year and then again the following year, say in January.  As a reminder, new members that sign up after October 1 of the current year are covered for the following calendar year.  Or maybe you forgot and registered twice!

Our preferred method of registration is online via our website. Please see the “Membership” tab.  If you would like to pay via e-transfer or cash you will need to request, and manually fill out, a registration form then return it to then forward your membership fee to

As part of our insurance coverage, we need to revalidate our player waivers every year.  The waiver is an inherent part of the registration process.  It also makes it easier for us to ensure we keep our records as accurate as possible.

Almost all folks that are having issues registering online are not checking off the small box next to the EPA Logo, just above the credit card information (this small box is in the top left-hand corner over the logo on mobile devices). Once you click this box the “Total” line will read $10 (not $0) and your payment should go through.  Note it takes a few seconds for it to process then you will see a “thank you” screen.  You will also receive a confirmation email.

Playtime Scheduler

Playtime Scheduler is an online communication tool that the EPA, and many pickleball players, use to plan games and events. It is global as well as local.  It is not an EPA website – it is an online tool we are using to simplify communication.  Registration is free, and although registering is not mandatory, the EPA does use it to manage attendance at the various events we run so you may not be able to attend if you are not on the site.  The link to register with Playtime Scheduler is here.  And here is a short video outlining what to expect.

If you are a beginner and have never played before start at 2.0.

If you have some experience you have a few options:
– self-rate using the Playtime Scheduler guide
– self-rate using an online reference guide (there are several) – here’s a very comprehensive one from USA Pickleball
– play against other players and ask them what they have rated themselves or ask them for their thoughts on what your rating could be

Please check your email settings under MY ACCOUNT –> EMAILS to ensure you are set up to receive the appropriate emails. Also, check your SPAM/PROMOTION folder in case your email provider is redirecting them there.  If you are still having trouble receiving the notifications the other option is to go into the Playtime Scheduler website in the relevant week, during the timing window we are entering the games, and refresh the screen intermittently until the games appear.

Playtime Scheduler is not a court reservations system, it is a communication tool.  When setting up games using PS please try to honour games already planned at any specific court location by booking elsewhere or at a different time (see “Court” tab for list of courts painted for pickleball).  That said, not everyone uses PS so there is the possibility of overlap.  In these cases the rule of thumb is to rotate off and share the courts with anyone waiting every 30 minutes.  Most courts will have a sign where you can hang your paddle to help keep track of who is up next.  Note it is in the best interest of all involved to share and be respectful of everyone’s access to public tennis courts.

EPA Permitted Indoor Play (Members Only)

The EPA is always on the look out for additional playing opportunities for our members.  We have been successful in obtaining permits from various Etobicoke community centres.  In order to manage attendance we offer these sessions back to our membership using Playtime Scheduler.

We provide approximate timing windows only (not specific times) for when the sessions will go into the system as they must be entered manually and individually. We do not enter multiple weeks into the system to prevent players from signing up across extended time periods and blocking others from registering.  All of the timing window information is communicated via our newsletters as well as at this link.

We hear you and are doing our best to secure more indoor time.  Other options for indoor play include city run drop-in locations.  Here is a great link that summarizes drop-in play locations across Toronto.

Once we enter the game into the system, we have no control over when the notification gets delivered to your inbox. This is a function of how your email is set up, your email provider, and the speed of your internet.

Yes, you must bring your own balls, paddles and running shoes. Bring everything you need to play comfortably.  Most players also bring water.

New Players – Beginners, New to the Area or New EPA Member?

I’m new to pickleball/the EPA/the area and want to start playing.  How do I start?

Join the Etobicoke Pickleball Association or sign-up for our newsletter.  In addition to advocating on behalf of the entire Etobicoke pickleball community with the City, we run fun member events like tournaments, leagues, drop-in sessions and training.  This is a great way to meet other players.  You can register for both from our Home page.

If you’ve recently registered –  first of all, welcome!  We are so happy you are able to join us!  Your membership fee helps support us in our objectives to improve playing conditions and opportunities in Etobicoke.  We think you will also have some fun along the way.

How to find games:

Register with Playtime Scheduler.  This is a free online communication tool that many members of the Etobicoke pickleball community use to plan games.  It allows you to join others looking for players to set up a game and/or allows you to set up your own game.  The EPA also utilizes this tool to book things like Beginner Play Days, Indoor Permitted play and other events so it is definitely worth registering.  Once registered you will get notifications from Playtime Scheduler (not EPA) advising you of games being set up at the various courts around Etobicoke.  The link to register for Playtime Scheduler is here.  And here is a short video illustrating how it works.

If you are a beginner, look for games in Playtime Scheduler with ratings between 2.0 and 2.75.  This will allow you to practice/play with others at a comparable level.  Generally, you should try to familiarize yourself with the rules and how to keep score beforehand.  Consider joining one of our “Learn 2 Play” sessions or take a couple of private lessons.  This will make it much easier to join in on gameplay your first time out.  You can also find a good video to learn pickleball at this link and there is an abundance on YouTube.  You may also want to try simply hitting the ball against a wall just to get a feel for how it bounces and reacts.

In the SPRING/SUMMER, check out our EPA Beginner Play Days (see our Events/Training tab for more info).  These are set up through Playtime Scheduler and are run by an EPA volunteer who is there to answer any questions.  Ideally participants should know the rules and how to score before participating as these are not formal training sessions but simply an opportunity to meet new friends and play with others at the same level.

In the FALL/WINTER, check out City of Toronto drop-in sessions as well as our EPA Permitted Indoor Play (members only).  The City also runs Parks & Rec pickleball programming requiring pre-registration.  Check out their FUN GUIDE online every season.  Here’s a good tool the City provides to help you locate where and when drop-in pickleball is being offered.

For more competitive play there is drop-in pickleball at Humber Valley Pickleball/Tennis courts every morning through the spring/summer/early Fall.  This is an informal group of players that will have more playing experience and stronger game play.  They are not set-up to introduce newcomers to the game.   If you are a new player we recommend checking out Beginner Play Days before trying Humber Valley.  That said, everyone is welcome.  Play is mix and match partners – everyone takes turns.  Bring a lawn chair.


We run training programs including “Learn to Play” at various times throughout the year, announced via our newsletters.  We can also connect you with a coach for private lessons.  Email if you have any questions.


We run member tournaments and leagues throughout the year.  Once you register as an EPA member you are automatically added to our mailing list and will receive information on all our activities via our newsletters.

Questions Related to Specific Courts

Many service requests related to a specific court can be initiated by calling 311 or emailing  311 provides residents access to non-emergency City services, programs and information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The EPA executive also meets with City Staff on a regular basis and can help facilitate any special requests.  Email if you’d like us to help reinforce your request.

Most nets at city tennis courts are equipped with a crank that you can adjust appropriately.  Unfortunately, in some cases, the city staff will apply a lock and chain – if this is the case your only alternative is to call or email 311.  Note if there is no crank and it is not locked, a small crescent wrench can sometimes be used to turn the bolt and adjust the net.